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Since 1997 Ionic Systems has manufactured The Reach & Wash® System for the cleaning of windows, solar panels and many other high-level surfaces quickly, efficiently and with little environmental impact.

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We manufacture The Reach & Wash System from our facility in Wiltshire, England.

  • World leader in the manufacture of this type of equipment
  • Distributors in 32 countries
  • Active exports to over 100 countries
  • Only our Systems are fully crash-tested
  • Products known all over the world for their outstanding quality

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I've been using Ionic's hot water Thermopure for four years, it's especially faster on first cleans. Hot systems are more expensive but I wouldn't be without it, espcially in Winter months.

Alan Tomasic
5 / 5

We have been very impressed with this system and will certainly be investing in another one in the future as we continue to expand.

John Jackson
5 / 5

It's a fantastic system, it cleans better, the work is easier. As for the winter, using hot water has definately enabled me to keep working. You could work in 2 inches of snow if you wanted. to.

Andy Harding
5 / 5

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