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Vehicle-Mounted Systems

State of the Art.
Van-mounted window cleaning systems incorporate water-treatment filters and a large water tank so that a supply of pure water is always available, wherever a window cleaner needs to go. Without the need for an external water or power supply, vehicle-mounted water fed pole systems are the most flexible and practical solution to many high-level cleaning situations.
Built to Last.
We regularly fit existing window cleaning systems to new vans as our customers find that their Ionic Systems pure-water machine outlasts their vehicles.
On demand.

You’ll never have to ask your customers to use their water or waste time filling up when you could be working, earning money. Time is money. When you’ve not got brush to glass, you’re not earning money. Our systems are designed to simplify the whole process, maximising your potential profits. Simply set your system to fill up overnight, ready to go in the morning.

Many of our systems are fitted with automated features, such as; Periodic Flush System (PFS©) & Reverse Osmosis Maintenance System (ROMS©). These features are designed to make your life easier, just connect to the water supply, set the system to go, and enjoy your evening!

All our van-mounted systems are rated as crash-safe. Ionic Systems has been awarded FMVSS-208 certification for our systems and remain one of the ONLY manufacturers to achieve this standard.
Crash testing development

Fully baffled tank.

Black polypropylene water tank with advanced baffling technology for increased vehicle stability and safety.

Built-in ports.

Fill up overnight with your vehicle safely locked and secured. Stainless steel ports that will never rust or decay come as standard on all Ionic System vehicle installations.

to your vehicle.

You will be guided through the process from start to finish by our experienced Sales & Production Teams. Every aspect of your Ionic pure water system will be customised to fit your business requirements.

Whether you are looking to fit a new system to an older vehicle or start with a brand-new vehicle from one of our partnered vehicle manufacturers, we’ve got you covered!.

Simply the best finest on the market.

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