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Foamion™ Soft Washing System


Foamion™ Soft Washing System

Foamion™ is a cost effective add on machine, and it works in conjunction with your existing Reach & Wash® System


Foamion™ is a cost effective add on machine, and it works in conjunction with your existing
Reach & Wash® System.

Foamion™ gives the operative the option to mix any chemical product, i.e. Sodium Hypochlorite and Biocides at the point of use. This is a perfect way to apply treatments for algae infestations on render or plastics. Foamion™ can used to treat moss on roof tiles or apply black spot remover for patios, paths or driveways.

Foam Cleaning

Applying treatments as a foam has multiple benefits, as it gives a longer contact dwell time on a surface. The air infused mix of chemical and water, promotes activation and allows the chemical to work to it’s optimum performance. Chemical activation is further amplified when mixed with hot pure water up to to 60°C from a Thermopure™ system.

A chemical mixed with air and heat is super charged and becomes even more powerful and vigorous, meaning a reduction in the amount of chemical used per application to achieve the desired result. When the chemical is applied as a foam it significantly reduces water usage and the risk of over-spray and run off.

The Foamion™ system can be retro fitted and paired with many existing van installations. Foamion™ takes a pumped water feed from the existing Reach & Wash® system, which enters through a non-return valve, this eliminates the risk of any chemical contamination of the pure water system and delivery pumps, so window cleaning results are unaffected.

Having the Foamion™ operate in this way, allows a chemical feed and pure water to be applied at the same time, allowing operatives to soft wash and window clean simultaneously. The Foamion™ is a battery powered unit, so it can be used self-contained like a Reach & Wash® System.

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Looking for Soft Wash Training?

World-class soft wash training is provided by the BWCA. Discover more information on their website in the link below.

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