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Static systems are useful where a supply of pure-water for cleaning is required for a particular site. They can also be used as an efficient and economical way to supply several vehicle-mounted delivery systems for larger window cleaning operations. Many static systems have the capacity to store 1,000 litres, 3,000 litres, 10,000 litres or even more.
Expand your business.
For businesses that have (or plan to) several window cleaning vehicles on the road, a fleet solution is the best choice.
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Built to Last.
Like all of our systems, they are built with quality and assurance that they will last your entire window cleaning career and then some!

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The best available.

We offer static pure water systems combined with our best-selling Zero© & V4© window cleaning machines. These systems work in the exact same way as a vehicle-mounted system, just fixed to one location.

For the cost of one system, you can supply several fleet vehicles with pure water at either 0PPM or 0PPB.

Polypropylene tank.
Robust black plastic polypropylene tank designed to inhibit algae growth. Tanks are made to order and can be in a range of sizes.
Site survey included.

As part of the quoting for your new static system, we will send one of our experienced engineers to perform a full survey of the proposed location for the system.

This site survey will assess the viability of the site and advise on any potential risks & hazards.

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