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Ionic hot water

Hot Water Reach & Wash Window Cleaning Systems

Waterfed pole systems that heat pure water were once seen as a desirable luxury. Wonderful to have, especially in the winter time, but rather expensive and not strictly necessary. So what real difference does hot water make, and is it worth the extra investment? Hot water Reach & Wash systems may appear to be a […]


Portage™ Tank System

The solution for a safe yet de-mountable Portage tank system for window cleaning has arrived in the shape of Ionic’s latest product offering, the Portage™. A low-profile tank available in 400, 600 & 800 litre capacities that can be fitted and removed to and from any van in just a couple of minutes. Simply undo […]


Protector™ Pole Handle

The Protector Pole handle can be added to any of our poles in our online shop. Just select the Protector upgrade option when buying. Despite the best efforts of the Window Industry to warn Window Cleaners about the risk of electrocution too many have lost lives or suffered serious burns whilst using waterfed poles near […]


Reuben Reynolds

20 Year Anniversary of The Reach & Wash® System

As we prepare our marketing campaign for the Spring, I was asked to pick out some photos from the early years, as we are celebrating our 20 year anniversary of The Reach & Wash System and my involvement with the Company. The photographs took me right back to 1997, when we were at the Cleaning […]


Zero Reach & Wash® 0PPB System

In 1997, Ionic Systems introduced The Reach & Wash® System. The Zero 0PPB System uses clean water with zero parts per BILLION (ppb) to provide the best spot-free results. Zero System, our most popular system is proving to be more valuable for businesses than ever before. Most window cleaners have a pretty good idea of […]


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