The Revolutionary ZERO System

The new Zero™ System is the most advanced pure-water cleaning system ever designed. With fully automated maintenance cycles and the ability to produce water quality of zero parts per billion, it's no wonder that the Zero™ is making a big impact.

Crash-Tested and Certified to FMVSS-208

The safety of our systems is of paramount importance to us. We remain the ONLY manufacturer of this type of equipment to have performed actual crash-testing, and only our systems are certified to the FMVSS-208 standard.

Higher, Faster, SAFER

The Reach & Wash® System allows window cleaners to clean up to 80ft from the safety of the ground.

New Pay Monthly Option

Spread the cost of poles, hoses and other ancillaries with our new monthly lease option.
Monthly prices start from just £10.11 per month

New V4™ System

Our new V4™ System offers a no-nonsense solution for those who want simplicity.
Straightforward systems that are still top quality

Welcome to Ionic Systems

Since 1997 Ionic Systems has manufactured The Reach & Wash® System for the cleaning of windows, solar panels and many other high-level surfaces quickly, efficiently and with little environmental impact.

We manufacture The Reach & Wash System from our facility in Wiltshire, England, and are the world leader in the manufacture of this type of equipment, with distributors in 32 countries and active exports to over 100.


Latest News

First UK ZERO™ System delivered
Swansea & District Cleaning Services become the first UK company to take delivery of the new ZERO™ System
hours ago

Ionic Systems, new QuattRO Electric systems prove extremely popular and are shipped to Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy and The USA
3 days ago

New monthly payment option for poles & ancillaries, enabling more customers to get the equipment they need, when they need it.
12 Days ago

Jason Gooch is appointed Ionic's Quality Assurance manager, to ensure that Ionic products always live up to the 'Quality without Compromise' standard.
19 Days ago

Reach & Wash® in Action

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