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The new V4™ Thermopure fills the gap between the Zero™ with 0PPB water quality and Ionic’s cold water V4™. The name V4™ signifies version four of the original Reach & Wash ® system and previously if you wanted hot water then your only option was to run a HotBox™ alongside.

Now rolled into one great looking, space saving package the V4 Thermopure™ has the look of the more expensive Zero™ but with a lower price tag.
The all stainless-steel construction will remain corrosion free outlasting your vehicles many times over. A crash tested Ionic system will last the whole of your window cleaning career and prove to be by far the most cost-effective choice.

Just like the standard V4™ the Thermopure™ version can be configured with boosted fill and a range of automation features optition to suit your individual needs and price point