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Safe space is an initiative setup to offer a level of peace of mind to the public, staff and anyone that enters a ‘safe space’ in opening hours during the Covid-19 Pandemic. To qualify an area as safe space, the commitment made by the property owners is that daily sanitisation will be carried out, using equipment and disinfectant with a 99.99% effectiveness in eliminating Covid-19.

“We are dealing with an invisible enemy. The aim of daily fogging is to reduce to zero the number of viruses that have been introduced to a space during the hours of normal operation”.

If you have scanned the QR code on a safe space sticker the area you are in is sanitised daily using a method called Fogging. A disinfectant fogger releases an ‘Ultra Low Volume’ disinfectant product to the atmosphere, the mass of droplets from the system penetrate all hard to reach areas of the area killing surface contaminates. 

An advantage of fogging is that the disinfecting agent reaches areas that are difficult to clean with other techniques, penetration into all nooks and crannies is achieved with fogging.

Particles in the fog are so small that they remain suspended in the air long enough to kill airborne viruses and the disinfectant used is 99.99% effective in eliminating Covid-19. It also eliminates pathogens on surfaces, including ceilings and walls as well as furniture and floors or any area the fog reaches.

Fogging Facts

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VANOQUAT Disinfectant

VANOQUAT is 99.99% effective against Coronavirus COVID-19 when used at the correct dilution.

VANOQUAT is a bactericidal fogging disinfectant with limited virucidal activity. It may be used to disinfect food contact surfaces in food processing applications where good hygiene practices are essential.

VANOQUAT has been tested using European Standard or modified EN test methods to demonstrate bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal activity. EN tests have been carried out in the UKAS accredited Microbiology Laboratory of Evans Vanodine International PLC or at independent UKAS accredited laboratories or at independent expert laboratories, in the case of virus tests.

Watch Fogging in action

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Thermion system used to kill weeds

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Thermion softwashing

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