Thermion™ for Softwashing

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Thermion™ for Softwashing

At the end of the last century (1997) Ionic Systems introduced the Reach & Wash system, making window cleaning safer, quicker and eliminating detergent. Safety and the environment are two things we hold dear and that is why Ionic Systems have not jumped on the Softwashing bandwagon, that is until now.

Ionic’s new ThermionTM Soft Washing system delivers hot foam to algae covered facades for excellent cleaning results. Up to 2 operators can apply hot foam from the ThermionTM system simultaneously, each applying as much as 20 litr es of foam per minute made from just 1 litre of pure water. Many surfaces can be cleaned using Ionic’s bleach free biodegradable foam, for more suborn infestati ons Ionic’s ‘ContactTM Foamer’ can be used.

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