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Hycleaner Black Solar system


hyCLEANER® black SOLAR – clean solar and photovoltaic panels ensure an optimum performance


    Product Description

    Solar and photovoltaic plants are symbols for a clean energy generation. In order to achieve the optimum efficiency as well as the calculated service life of the plant, the solar panels have to be clean. Permanent soiling caused by environmental influences, dust, flower pollen, mosses etc. reduces the solar performance and efficiency. In the case of agricultural farms and livestock farming, ammonia gases lead to an additionally increased degree of soiling (heavy soiling may reduce profits by 20 – 30 %). Even smallest contamination’s caused by bird droppings, mosses, lichens etc. may – due to the series connection of modules – reduce the performance and efficiency of the complete plant, as the weakest module determines the total output. However, it is not only the financial loss, which gives reason to concern! Soilings can attack panels’ coatings and seals. Incoming water then causes damages to the complete system. The solar and photovoltaic plants become susceptible to faults and failure.

    So far, cleaning of solar and photovoltaic surfaces caused major difficulties to many solar plant operators. hyCLEANER black SOLAR allows an easy, fast and economic cleaning. Due to the high mechanical performance, an optimum cleaning result can be achieved with only low water consumption. The machine is controlled via radio-remote-control and allows the operator to achieve an optimum cleaning result without any physical efforts. Moreover, no longer need to step on the sensitive roof and solar surfaces. The machine is powered by lithium-ion-batteries and does not require any external power source close to the working area.


    • Easy operation of hyCLEANER black SOLAR via radio-remote-control with a range of 100 m.
    • Adjustable driving speed.
    • Optimum cleaning result due to brush design and high circumferential speed on the bristle tips.
    • The self-supporting brush also ensures an easy cleaning of the edges.
    • No physical efforts for the operator, therefore high and constant cleaning result from sunset to sunrise.
    • Cleaning operation even possible on transverse slope.
    • Easy handling due to two basic modules.
    • Several fixing and fastening points allow a flat positioning of hyCLEANER black SOLAR on the solar surface.
    • Many fastening points for working in critical areas.
    • The surface load is considerably below the allowed wind and snow loads.
    • Use of rainwater, tap water and technical water is possible.
    • All types of water treatment systems and osmosis plants can be used.
    • Easy change of the driving pads via Velcro fastener.
    • Easy transportation.
    • Fast cleaning result – up to five times faster performance than manual cleaning.
    • Low water consumption.
    • The whole hyCLEANER black SOLAR concept is service-friendly and requires only low maintenance.
    • Eco-friendly: Perfect cleaning results can be achieved without adding chemicals or other cleaning agents.
    • Optimum adaptability to different solar and photovoltaic plants due to the extensive range of accessories.

    Additional Information

    Overall length:

    ± 1,30 m

    Overall width:

    ± 1,00 m

    Overall height:

    ± 0,60 m

    Total weight of the hyCLEANER:

    ± 80 kg

    Width of brush:

    ± 0,90 m

    Brush diametre:

    ± 0,30 m

    Width (chassis):

    ± 0,80 m

    Gradeabililty (chassis):

    max. 35°

    Width of driving pad (chassis):

    ± 0,10 m

    Driving speed (chassis):

    ± 1,5 km/h

    Power supply:

    Ion batteries, max. 42 Volt

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