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Pump Controllers


Automatically compensates for variations is pressure, and so maintains constant water flow rate no matter how high the pole is raised.

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Product Description

PC01SA – Compatible with: Triton, Proteus & V4 DiFuse

PC02SA – Compatible with: Triton, Titan, Proteus, Hydros, Delivery Unit, Thermopure Delivery Unit, V4 Fuse, V4 DiFuse, V4 Fusion & V4 Fusion S

PC03SA – Compatible with: Titan, V4 Fuse, V4 Fusion, V4 Fusion S & Triton with PFS & ROMS Upgrade


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RO Flow Valve


Used to control the product:waste ratio from the RO. has 1/2″ Female BSP threads for inlet and outlet.


Female "T" Piece (½-inch)


1/2-inch Female T Piece, fits between pressure gauge and solenoid on cold water systems.


Solenoid (12V)


Used in conjunction with a float switch to shut off water when tank is full.

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