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Task™ Trolley System

£2,220.00 inc. VAT

The TASK™ trolley is designed to get in where a vehicle would struggle, this portable systems is useful for all situations.


Quattro™ Portable System

£1,920.00£4,320.00 inc. VAT

QuattRO Systems produce a supply of pure water for waterfed cleaning wherever there is access to both a water and power supply. The perfect way to produce pure water on-site.


Trion™ Portable Window Cleaning System

£2,520.00 inc. VAT

The Trion on-site solution is a 3-stage Reverse Osmosis and De-ionisation Reach & Wash® system. Trion is powerful enough to deliver pure water to two waterfed poles.



Caddy™ System

£276.00£720.00 inc. VAT

The Caddy is a straight forward system that allows waterfed cleaning wherever there is access to a water supply.


Showing all 4 results

On site systems are designed for situations when there is access to a water supply, a power supply or both. Sometimes, the nature of a site means that access to water and power is not a problem, and water can be purified for cleaning as and when it is needed. Our on-site solutions cater for these situations, and include systems that run with or without mains power.

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