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Roof Wand


Built for quality & safety

“A system that is environmentally friendly and can be used in all types of weather. Patented technology that dispels any doubts that using just water is the safest and most effective way to clean a roof.”

Steve Dunmore


Cleaning Head

Choose between either 2 or 3 Turbo Nozzles when cleaning roofs.

Whether you are looking for greater coverage or more precise cleaning, Roof Wand gives you total control over how much pressure applied to the surface you are cleaning.

Carbon Fibre Mast can be extended up to 6m, with a further 70cm of remote vertical adjustment

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The stainless steel frame provides a solid and long lasting structure for the 70L pure water tank (pure water is optional, for operators wanting to use Roof Wand as a complete exterior cleaning solution).

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Pressure Washer

Pressure 200 bar (2900 psi)

Flow 21 LPM

Engine Honda GX390 (with oil alert)

Starter Electric & recoil

Fuel Capacity 6.1 Litres

Dimensions 800L x 640W x 840H

Weight 66.5kg

Sturdy and versatile pneumatic wheels. These are the same wheels used on the popular Trion© & Quattro© systems.

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Revolution, Practicality & Simplicity.

Rapid roof cleaning with continuous supported access across the roof from the ridge tiles down to the gutter, working safely from the ground.

Until now, roof cleaning has has always been a job that presents many challenges. Costly forms of safe access through the use of hired scaffolding or powered access are a significant barrier to a sustainable and profitable business model. Once access has been gained, multiple cleaning techniques – requiring additional equipment – are required to produce instant and lasting results. 

Roof Wand© offers an all-in-one, safe alternative to pre-existing methods of roof cleaning. Delivering quality service from the safety of the ground is now possible with this revolutionary new equipment. With Roof Wand©, it is now possible to offer customers a complete house cleaning package, without the need for costly access methods.


Patented actuator motion technology

Roof Wand© is highly manoeuvrable, able to be transported effortlessly.

However, its ability to pivot using a remote control that truly makes the Roof Wand© so easy to use. Saving you time and energy.



Control the actuators via remote control or from the Mast Trolley

“When the trigger is on, the moss is gone!”

Ultra-light carbon fibre poles

Our carbon fibre poles provide superior strength, rigidity & lightweight properties.

This design is no accident.

Standard window cleaning poles are not strong enough to support the length of the wand. This led to many snapped and damaged poles. We have meticulously tested the poles you see now during the rigorous Research & Development phase so that you don’t have to!

Roof Wand© will take on the workload, no more aching shoulders!


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“What a brilliant job he’s done! I was expecting him to be here for weeks cleaning and he was done in a couple of days. I’d heard that most people use a chemical to kill the moss which can take some time before you see results, so I was very happy to immediately see the house looking so good.”

– Homeowner


Clean Solar Panels with ease

Want to see a roof cleaned in less than 2 hours?

Perfect for businesses with an existing window cleaning system looking to expand their services.
£ 188
  • CF Wand Assembly
  • Mast Trolley (without Pump)
  • Brushes + Hoses
Ideal for roof cleaning professionals who already own a compatible pressure washer.
£ 200
  • CF Wand Assembly
  • Mast Trolley (with Pump)
  • Brushes + Hoses
Built for professionals looking for a complete exterior cleaning system.
£ 264
  • CF Wand Assembly
  • Mast Trolley (with Pump)
  • Brushes + Hoses
  • Pressure Washer (Key Start)

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