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Multipole Swap Top


Allows angle crank and residential head to be attached to commercial poles (instead of the commercial head assembly) – W0075


Ionic Flocked Brush


Robust flocked bristles, ideal for waterfed cleaning of cladding and other more delicate surfaces. P0044F – P0045F


Hydra Vertigo Standard Head without Brush


Vertigo standard head only. VSH-NB-F – VSH-NB-P


The SideWinder


The SideWinder head assembly for Ionic commercial poles allows the brush head to swivel laterally. This gives a huge degree of freedom, allowing the brush to reach sideways over obstacles, and even fit between bars. SW1814 – SW2418


Ionic Solar Panel Cleaning Head


Ionic commercial head with 90-degree gooseneck, giving the optimum angle for solar panel cleaning. CH9S14 – CH9S24


Showing 25–29 of 29 results

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