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Demonstrations and instructional videos to aid with the use and care of your Ionic System

Roof Wand™, Roof cleaning from the safety of the ground

Until now, roof cleaning has always been a job that presents many challenges, either with costly forms of safe access,...


Ionic Systems Constant Flow Touchless foam Spray System

The Constant Flow Touchless foam spray system uses Smart Pressure Technology packaged in a detachable, rechargeable, lithium ion power pack...


Foamion™ Softwash system from Ionic Systems

Foamion ™ is the little brother to the Thermion™ system. Thermion™ is dual purpose, and is used for Weedkilling and...


Ionic Systems Electric Van install for NJC

At Ionic, we’ve carried out a number of installs of Reach & Wash systems into electric vehicles already, particularly for...


Rapido™ Electric Hose Reel

The battery powered, low torque, high speed motor, allows the hose to be reeled back onto the spindle at rapid...

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