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About Us

We have built a reputation based on producing quality designed and manufactured products.

Our production facility in Wiltshire, England, is where all Reach & Wash® systems are manufactured. As the market leader, we have distributors in 34 countries, and export to over a hundred. Our products are known all over the world for their outstanding quality and performance, the Reach & Wash® brand has become synonymous with Quality without Compromise.

Setting the Standard

With over 25 years practical window cleaning experience, Ionic Systems Ltd (then Over The Top LTD) launched the revolutionary Reach & Wash® system at the 1997 NEC Cleaning Show in Birmingham, England.

Since then, The Reach & Wash® system has been become a trusted global brand, and the industry standard for window cleaners all over the world. It’s no exaggeration to say that Reach & Wash® has revolutionised the industry, by enabling window cleaners to reach higher, work faster and stay safer. But that’s not all…

New Markets

The Reach & Wash® systems are being used in new and ever expanding markets, and are proving just as efficient. Reach & Wash® systems are fast becoming the method of choice for cleaning solar panels of all shapes and sizes. Because Reach & Wash® systems use no harsh chemicals, only pure water is used for cleaning, they are the ideal solution to keep solar arrays clean and operating at peak efficiency, in the safest most environmentally friendly way.

Recognised Standards

Our systems conform to recognised industry standards such the European CE Mark. We’ve also invested heavily in making sure our systems are the safest available, and are the ONLY manufacturer to be awarded FMVSS-208 crash test certification for our vehicle mounted systems.

“High level cleaning from the safety of the ground.”

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The Ionic family

We have a team of award-winning staff with decades of combined experience within their fields.

Craig Mawlam - Chairman

Craig Mawlam


Reuben Reynolds

Managing Director

Jason Mawlam

Purchasing Manager

Patrick Whittaker

UK Sales Manager

Damian Whittaker

Production Manager

Joe Reynolds

Export Sales Manager

Sam Lewis

UK Sales Support

Andy Byrne

Creative Design/Marketing

Muhammad Sulman

Web Developer

Jess Mawlam

Export Development

Jack Mawlam

Product Designer

Dewi Cheater

UK Sales Support

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