Thermopure HotBox vehicle mounted system

Thermopure Service

Periodic maintenance is vital for ongoing Thermopure efficiency. To help ensure the smooth running and optimum performance of your Thermopure system we offer a comprehensive service. This includes a thorough inspection of the burner, battery, in/outlets and pressure release valve. As well as replacing the burner cartridge, flame detector, glow pins and anti-freeze.

The Thermopure Service takes approximately 2 and a half hours to complete and covers the following:

  • Check for any fault codes.
  • Physically inspect all battery and charge circuit cables and terminals for continuity and signs of corrosion, special attention to good chassis earth.
  • Load / Drop test system battery, ensure within acceptable limits.
  • Test charging circuit, both mains and split charge. Ensure correct battery charging.
  • Replace anti-freeze/coolant.
  • Visual check of burner, exhaust, air inlet etc.
  • Replace burner cartridge.
  • Replace flame detector and glow pins.
  • With burner running check temperature of heated water.
  • Check pressure relief valve.

Price £550+ VAT

(Includes listed parts and labour)

Call 01793 871 386 to book a service

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