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Ionic Systems have gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure that your safety isn’t compromised should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic accident. We developed our systems so that they will stay firmly anchored to the vehicle in the event of a collision. We commissioned an independent crash-testing programme at the vehicle testing centre Thatcham Research.

A long-time customer of Ionic, Alfresco Group, were unfortunate enough to have one of their vehicles involved in a road traffic accident a few weeks ago. The van had an Ionic Reach & Wash® system fitted. As documented in the crash-testing programme the system stayed to securely in place thanks to the Thatcham FMVSS-208 approved clamps, bolts and exacting fitting standards all Reach & Wash® systems have.

Mark Toovey, Alfresco Group Managing Director, commented in a recent online post:

“I thought I would share with you all why it’s important to secure your systems correctly. One of our vans was involved in a RTA a few weeks ago. Van not in a good way. The Ionic System hasn’t shifted at all, some deformation to the rear floor. For those that wedge and strap systems in the back please think twice. Glad to say no one hurt in accident, just bruises and clean pants!”

Reach & Wash® System in an road traffic accident

Reach & Wash® System in an road traffic accident

Reach & Wash® System in an road traffic accident

Reach & Wash® System in an road traffic accident

See how an Ionic Reach & Wash® system performed against a competitor system when crash tested:

Test 1: Reach & Wash® System
Speed: 50km/hr (31.1mph)
Machine: 1,000 litre Ionic Systems Pro-5 (FULL)
Test Result: [ionbutton col=”green” size=”small” text=”PASS”]
[ionvideo src=”GmIALYCT0Hw”]
As expected, the damage to the front of the vehicle was severe, but the machine remained securely in place.[/pi-col-6][pi-col-6]
Test 2: Competitors System
Speed: 50km/hr (31.1mph)
Machine: (Competitor’s System)
Test Result: [ionbutton col=”red” size=”small” text=”FAIL”]
[ionvideo src=”woyTpFcqfyY”]

To illustrate the need for crash-testing and the very real danger that exists, Thatcham Research conducted a comparative test using a competitors system.

As you can see, the machine failed to stay anchored to the vehicle, and in an accident would have caused severe injury or even death to the driver and passengers.[/pi-col-6][/ionrow]

See how an Ionic Reach & Wash® system is Safely Installed in a vehicle:

[ionvideo src=”FvDpB1RJrHw”]

See more about the safety of Reach & Wash® systems: [ionbutton text=”Found out more” url=”/uk/safety/” col=”green” size=”small”]