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Vortex Gutter Vacuum Kit – Premium Range


Vortex Gutter Vacuum Kit – Premium Range


Safe and easy gutter vacuuming with this wet and dry vacuum ideal for Commercial use, especially high reach applications. Available in three height variations.


Vortex by Ionic Systems. Clean gutters from the safety of the ground.

Easy to use.

The VortexTM premium now comes as standard with a drain hose and sieve basket, for a more flexible and user-friendly approach to gutter waste disposal. These additions separate the gutter contents into liquid and organic matter, as opposed to a collective gutter soup.

The sieve basket captures saturated leaves and moss, allowing the water to drain through into the base of the drum. Liquid can be emptied straight into the drains using the drain hose, and organic debris can be tipped into the recycling bin. The fine sediment falls to bottom of the drum, below the hose outlet, to keep clear of the filter, and can be tipped out at the end of the job.

System features/specifications

  • Vacuum 150″ water lift 374 (MBAR)
  • Motor wattage: 3300 (3 motors)
  • Container capacity: 78 Litres
  • Height: 1080 mm
  • Power cable length: 10 metres
  • Air flow movement: 8000 Litres per minute
  • Decibel level: 72 dB
  • Weight: 36kg
  • Mains connection: 240 volt
  • Available in Pole length kits – 6m – 9m – 12m

System benefits

  • NO MESS! Up to 12 meters in reach
  • Light and easy to use with the option of an onboard camera for greater precision cleaning.
  • It sucks gutters clean using a wet & dry vacuum system and with a reach of up to 12 meters, there is no need for expensive scaffolding, ladders or high access equipment in most commercial or domestic work areas
  • Allows access to restricted areas such as roofing above conservatories. As well as dual use as a high reach internal vacuuming system ideal for domestic properties

NEW features!

VortexTM Premium also comes as standard with a NEW wire reinforced suction hose. Engineered to withstand rigorous gutter clearing, the wire framework creates a smoother passageway for debris, to minimise blockages, improve air circulation and deliver faster results.

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