Vortex Gutter Vacuum Kit – Mid Range

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Vortex Gutter Vacuum Kit – Mid Range

Safe and easy gutter vacuuming with this 2 motor wet dry vacuum ideal for domestic and commercial use, especially high reach applications.

    Product Description

    System features/specifications

    • Air flow movement: 7166 Litres per minute
    • Motor wattage: 2600 max (2 motors)
    • Mains connection: 240 volt
    • Weight: 23kg
    • Vacuum 100″ water lift
    • Container capacity: 72 Litres
    • Height: 94cm
    • Power cable length: 8 metres
    • Available in Pole length kits – 6m – 9m – 12m

    System benefits

    • NO MESS! It sucks gutters clean using a powerful wet & dry vacuum system.
    • On board camera for precision cleaning
    • Allows access to restricted areas such as roofing above conservatories
    • For both domestic and commercial properties
    • No need for expensive scaffolding, ladders or high access equipment. Light and easy to use.
    • High reach internal vacuuming system for use in areas such as restaurants and retail shopping areas
    • Unique PowerMix feature gives 50% more suction lift power than it’s nearest rival
    • Up to 12 meters in Reach

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