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Quattro™ Portable System

QuattRO Systems produce a supply of pure water for waterfed cleaning wherever there is access to both a water and power supply. The perfect way to produce pure water on-site.

    Product Description

    The Ionic QuattROTM is a remarkably versatile system. Where there is access to both water and mains power, the QuattROTM ‘S’ model will produce a powerful stream of pure water, capable of supplying several poles up to a height of 80ft, even where the water pressure is relatively low.

    The QuattROTM incorporates both Reverse Osmosis and De-Ionisation and is suitable for even the hardest water conditions. The QuattROTM can consistently and efficiently produce an ample supply of pure water at excellent pressure thanks to its powerful booster pump.

    Window Cleaners make use of the QuattroTM portable system to access remote parts of modern buildings such as court-yards and roof tops for atrium cleaning. High-rise buildings where suspended platforms are used as well as the abseiling technique also benefit from short waterfed pole cleaning from rooftop QuattroTM use. On-site building maintenance teams also use the QuattroTM for in-house window and façade cleaning duties as well as spot-free car washing.

    The QuattroTM ‘S’ model is designed for high performance in the Worlds most demanding environments. Plastic filter housings may be prone UV degradation and to failure in temperatures above 30C. The ‘S’ model features high-pressure stainless steel filter housings that can withstand temperatures in direct sunlight of up to 50C. Because the pressure is boosted even further, the QuattROTM ‘S’ can be used by several operators up to 80ft.

    The QuattroTM – is available in three configurations. The standard Quattro System works from water pressure alone (min 60psi), and is suitable for a single operator to use at lower levels.

    • Carbon Filter, Removes Chlorine, protects RO membrane.
    • 5 Micron Filter – Removes impurities larger than 5 microns.
    • RO Filter- Mechanically filters water rejects up to 98% of remaining impurities.
    • DI Filter – Polishes water to zero parts per million purity.

    In hard water areas an in-line water softener is recommended to remove harmful calcium. If not removed from the water supply calcium causes poor performance and premature failure of the RO filter membrane.

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