At the turn of the year no one would have thought that in just three months the country would be locked down due to a global pandemic. Its incredible just how fast our lives have changed and how quickly business’s that took many years to build are now at risk. In a game of word association many may associate corona virus with ‘survival’. Initial thoughts about the survival of our friends, families and selves are now giving way to thoughts about the future and the survival of our businesses and livelihoods. Although many residential window cleaners have customers who are still happy for them to call, it’s a very different story for those who focus on commercial window cleaning.

There is talk about things getting back to normal, but not anytime soon. In fact a ‘new normal’ is widely predicted, some kind of normal where the population is encouraged back to work for the sake of the economy even though the virus is still active, and lives are still being lost. Some kind of normal that goes hand in hand with continued restrictions perhaps face masks and certainly regular disinfection to give people confidence. As workplaces, transport, public buildings, pubs and restaurants etc all re-open and people contemplate holidays and foreign travel there has to be confidence. The fear of a mutating virus, a second wave and then the winter, will there be a resurgence? What will it take for people to feel comfortable enough to put aside their fears.

We’ve all seen the massive disinfection efforts in other countries and its reasonable to predict that regular and even daily disinfection is what will be needed to restore confidence. Employers have a duty of care and to date that has been exercised through working at home and furlough’s but these measures will need to be replaced by something tangible when the time comes to go back to work. Daily office cleaning is likely to be replaced by daily disinfection and its just as likely that window cleaners will remain furloughed in order to pay for that.

Rapid and thorough disinfection can hardly be achieved with cloth’s or by hand with pump up sprayers, consider all of the surfaces that the virus can come to rest upon and it is obvious that a more industrial approach is required. With so many buildings and public spaces and so little time to provide a thorough, rapid, effective and cost-effective disinfection solution, Ionic have the answer. If you already own a van mounted pure water window cleaning system then you are already 75% there. With the right upgrades you can turn your Reach & Wash system into a powerful DisinfectorTM capable of rapid disinfection of large areas.

To find out how you can adapt your business to take on lucrative disinfection contracts contact us today. We can offer rapid disinfection systems capable of decontamination of corona virus from surfaces, treating op to 25,000 sq ft of internal space in just 20 minutes. With rates of up to £2 per sqm tr its easy to see how easily window cleaning incomes can be replaced whilst also opening doors to new customers and future window cleaning contracts.

These upgrades can be installed in just a couple of hours and at Ionic we’re geared up to provide the necessary training while you wait. The window cleaning capability of your machine is unaffected by any of the up-grades and as an added bonus will leave you with an ongoing Softwashing capability.

We can provide you with an ongoing resource for office interiors and factory friendly newly approved corona virus disinfectants, as well as chemicals for outside disinfection and softwashing.

Ensure business survival Grow your business Do your bit during the pandemic Enquire today about Ionic’s new DisinfectorTM system and upgrades

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