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Task 2 Trolley system

Task™ 2 Trolley System

TaskTM 2 Trolley is perfect cleaning task in areas that have no access to water or hoses such as courtyards, atria and so on, or where trailing hoses cannot be used.

    Product Description

    The Task 2 is manufactured from robust polypropylene and is available in 55 or 80 litre capacities. It is filled by means of a hose-lock type quick-release fitting. Automatic fill shut-off means it can be left filling with no danger of over-flowing.

    Like the TASK trolley, the TASK 2 comes with a 22 amp-hour rechargeable lead-acid battery and smart battery charger. Hexagonal honeycomb panels allow easy viewing of the water level.

    The TASK 2 can also be used as a ‘pumping station’ to allow longer hose runs from a van system, useful if a particular site has parking a long distance from where the van can be parked.

    • 100 PSI Pump
      With fully adjustable auto-compensating flow controller.
    • 22 Amp Hour Battery
      High-capacity lead-acid rechargeable battery & Smart battery charger.
    • Auto -Fill System
      Automatically stops filling when full.
    • Remote Control
      Flow may be started or stopped from up to 100m away.
    • 55 or 80 Litre Capacity
    • ‘Pumping Station’
      To allow longer hose runs or greater heights to be reached.

    No Task too difficult

    The Task™ Trolley is perfect cleaning tasks in areas that have no access to water or hoses such as courtyards, atria and so on, or where trailing hoses cannot be used.

    The Task™ is also extremely useful for areas with restricted parking such as busy high streets and city centres.

    With a generous 80 or 55 litre capacity (enough for 11/2 to 2 hours of working time), the Task™ has an on-board rechargeable battery and it’s own 100 psi pump with auto-compensating flow controller. It is also supplied with a smart battery charger.

    With a very compact footprint (about the same as an average hose reel) it can be carried in a van alongside other equipment. It is easily filled with pure water and then wheeled to wherever its needed.

    What could be simpler?

    Task™ 2 Trolley Video

    Additional Information

    Capacity :

    55 Litre, 80 Litre

    Task 2 Options :

    Task2 55 litre, Task2 80 litre

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