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Demonstrations and instructional videos to aid with the use and care of your Ionic System

How to clean a conservatory professionally

How to clean a conservatory professionally by The British Window Cleaning Academy & Ionic Systems. Equipment used: Constant FlowContact FoamVertigo...


Portage Overview

In this new video we walk you around the filtration system of the Portage System, show you how to operate...


The Portage in use and explained

The new Portage de-mountable tank systems from Ionic Systems.


Tank Baffling

Ionic’s new tank baffling design eliminates noticeable dynamic sloshing due to the minimised amount of water contained in each semi-sealed...


Portage De-mountable System

Portage is the de-mountable tank system, it can be easily fitted to and removed from your vehicle.


Vortex Gutter Vacuum

Vortex, the gutter cleaning vacuum from Ionic Systems. Three vacuums available in our online shop.


Protector™ Waterfed Pole

The Protector waterfed pole is the first waterfed pole which addresses the electrocution risk to avoid casualties resulting in severe...


Know your Water. Ionic Systems Explains

Know your water quality and the Science behind our Reach & Wash® technologies explained. Understanding these principles allow you to...


Zero Reach & Wash® 0PPB System

In 1997, Ionic Systems introduced The Reach & Wash® System. The Zero 0PPB System uses clean water with zero parts...

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