At Ionic, we’ve carried out a number of installs of Reach & Wash systems into electric vehicles already, particularly for our London based customers, due to Ultra Low Emission Zones enforcing tough emission standards in central London.

Not Only Cleaning are a London based company operating in Low Emission Zones daily.

Ionic Systems have just completed Reach and Wash system installs in these 2 Citroen E-Dispatch vans ready for delivery. Both vans have 400 litre V4 systems with Hotbox’s providing ultra pure hot water on demand, this is ideal for cleaning in city environments, which are more prone to pollution.

As always, Ionic are at the forefront with trends in our industry, and as well as electric vehicle system installs, we’ve also installed electric charging posts at our Swindon headquarters, and we’ve been testing a range of vehicles for their benefits from both an install and ownership point of view.

We’re not suggesting switching to electric is for every business right now, but it’s certainly a consideration for many looking to make changes to their vehicle fleet in the not too distant future.