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Demonstrations and instructional videos to aid with the use and care of your Ionic System

Reach & Wash® Support Services

Reach & Wash® Support Services hire out a wide range of high tech window cleaning equipment delivered to site by...


Ionic Systems Quattro Filtration Explained

Ionic Systems Quattro Filtration Explained. See how the Quattro works. Suitable for all water conditions. From Soft water to Hard...


Abseiling using the Quattro

Ionic Systems Quattro, Rope Access, Abseiling Work. The reach of water fed pole work and Abseiling will increase your efficiency....


Ionic Systems Quattro 0PPM System

The Quattro 0PPM System can consistently and efficiently produce an ample supply of pure water at excellent pressure thanks to...


Reach & Wash® in Norway

Reach & Wash® Zero Thermopure System in use in Norway.


Ionic Systems Thermopure Delivery System

The Thermopure Delivery system from Ionic systems is the ideal solution for those who want to benefit from the use...


Task Trolley from Ionic Systems

The TASK trolley is a new mobile Reach & Wash system from Ionic Systems. Perfect for areas inaccessible with hoses,...


Ionic Systems’ Waterfed Pole Range

A complete guide to all of Ionic’s waterfed pole range including the Grafter, The Glyder and the award winning Swift....


hyCLEANER from Ionic Systems

The hyCLEANER red series cleans all forms of facades made out of different surfaces and materials – gentle, effective, fast...

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