25L Ionic Water Softening Resin

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25L Ionic Water Softening Resin


NEW! Ionic Systems premium quality cation exchange resin for water softening with Free Shipping.
Ionic high quality resins have been tested and certified by the Water Quality Association.

    Product Description

    High-quality water softening resin Ideal for protecting the RO Membrane in hard water areas. Ionic resins have been Independently tested and certified by the Water Quality Association, this high-performance resin consistently performs better than other resins available.

    This resin product is already offered at a discounted price and therefore cannot be used with the Ionic Loyalty Discount card. For this reason, if you would like to purchase other items at the same time, we recommend that you purchase this resin in a seperate transaction. (As shipping with this resin is free, you won’t be charged twice for delivery)

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