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The innovative technology of the hyCLEANER® red EVO I & EVO III are configurable, self-explanatory and environmental-friendly.


    Product Description

    Cleans all forms of façades of different surfaces and those made out of different materials: very gentle, effective, fast and above all, economic. The machine works with high-pressure water and doesn’t need any electrical connection for running. In one process, not only the glass, but also the frames are cleaned. All water leading elements are made out of high-alloyed steel.

    The hyCLEANER® red EVO III effectively cleans horizontal profiled metal cladding.

    A further advantage of the hyCLEANER® red EVO I & III is the running wheels. They don’t leave any marks on the surface of the façade – just cleans gently.


    • The innovative technology of the hyCLEANER® red EVO I & III is configurable, self-explanatory and environmental-friendly.
    • Reduction of cleaning intervals due to high cleaning ability and cleaning quality.
    • Optimum cleaning result due to brush design and high circumferential speed on the bristle tips.
    • Low water consumption compared to manual cleaning, gentle on resources.
    • Minimization of labour cost (simple use of the hyCLEANER® red EVO I & III, only one worker after a short training).
    • The whole concept of the hyCLEANER® red EVO I & III is very service- and maintenance-friendly.
    • Cleanliness provides long-term value of the object because continuous damages do not occur if the dirt is removed regularly.
    • Cost-effective construction: using a hyCLEANER® red EVO I & III can already be considered in the planning phase.

    Additional Information

    Width of brush :

    EVO I: approx. 1550 mm, EVO III: approx. 800 mm

    Diameter of brush :

    EVO I: ca. 550 mm, EVO III: ca. 400 mm

    Balance of movement :

    EVO I: max. 1000 mm, EVO III: max. 500 mm

    Running wheel :

    EVO I: ∅ big: 500 mm – ∅ small: 260 mm, EVO III: ∅ big: 500 mm

    Total mass :

    EVO I: min. 120 kg, EVO III: min. ≤65 kg

    Traffic load :

    min. 20 kp/m² (197 N/m²), max. 82 kp/m² (807 N/m²)

    Water pressure :

    min. 120 bar, max. 160 bar

    Water quantity :

    min. 9 l/min., max. 12 l/min.

    Revolutions regulated via water quantity :


    Lifting speed :

    EVO I: max. 24 m/min.

    Ground coverage* :

    EVO I :max. 18 m²/min., EVO III :max. 9 m²/min.
    (*depending on degree of soiling)

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