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The all new VERTIGO™ the latest in our waterfed pole range with features to enhance your work experience and reduce time on the job have been included.

    Product Description

    QR Angle Crank

    Featuring an entirely new angle crank made from stiffer polycarbonate ABS plastic, the new patent pending angle crank design benefits from spring assisted quick release clamping and an internal water feed.

    Vertigo Water-fed Pole Angle crank

    Vertigo Water-fed Pole Head Rotation

    Vertigo Water-fed Pole Head Rotation

    Transverse clamp built into the carbon gooseneck allows the brush head to be removed, rotated and re-clamped quickly. This allows the operator to use the brush head in the vertical plane, a useful feature for a variety of cleaning situations.

    Spring Loaded

    Combined with wear resistant telescopic tubes, Ionic’s new patent pending spring assisted pole clamp ensures smooth action whilst minimising wear in the pole sections. While other designs ensure that poles remain clamped as the section wears, our focus was to engineer out factors that contribute to pole tube wear in the first place. In doing so Ionic’s new poles last considerably longer, retain their performance and save you money over time.

    Vertigo Water-fed Pole Angle crank

    Vertigo Water-fed Pole

    Hydro Flow

    Gone are the ugly water tubes and connectors that stick out at the top of the pole. Its goodbye to snagging in trees, bushes and parts of the building and its goodbye to associated leaks. Our new patented design carries the water through the angle crank directly to the new quick release brush-head design.

    Additional Information

    Features :

    New clamps to reduce wear
    Quick change brush head design
    Water through angle crank (so no more external hoses to snag)
    Pole handle water shut-off
    Quick connect hose
    Water delivery system to ensure 100% reaches the glass.

    Vertigo Pole Size :

    17ft Vertigo GF, 21ft Vertigo GF, 24ft Vertigo GF, 28ft Vertigo GF, 32ft Vertigo GF, 25ft Vertigo CF, 30ft Vertigo CF, 30ft Vertigo CF PLUS, 35ft Vertigo CF, 35ft Vertigo CF PLUS, 40ft Vertigo CF, 40ft Vertigo CF PLUS, 45ft Vertigo CF, 45ft Vertigo CF PLUS, 55ft Vertigo CF, 55ft Vertigo CF PLUS, 65ft Vertigo CF, 65ft Vertigo CF PLUS, 80ft Vertigo CF PLUS

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