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Reach & Wash® On-Site Systems

Portable/On-Site Systems

On-site Systems

On some job sites, there is ready access to water and/or mains power. For these situations an on-site system maybe the right choice. On-site systems produce pure water directly from the mains water supply as and when it is needed. There are no water tanks, the on-site system is connected to the water supply, and the water fed pole is simply connected to the system. On-site systems are ideal for court yards and roof top applications.

The CaddyTM

The CaddyTM is a straight forward system that allows waterfed cleaning wherever there is access to a water supply. There are several Caddy configurations, from those that use only de-ionisation (eg for soft-water areas) to those incorporating reverse osmosis.

Provided there is adequate water pressure (50psi/3.5 bar min) The Caddy can supply an adequate stream of pure water for cleaning up to 45ft in most cases.

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The QuattroTM System

The QuattROTM is a remarkably versatile system. Where there is access to both water and mains electricity, the QuattRO will produce a powerful stream of pure water, capable of supplying several poles up to a height of 80ft, even when the mains water pressure is relatively low.

The QuattROTM incorporates both Reverse Osmosis and De-Ionisation and is suitable for even the hardest water conditions. The QuattRO can consistently and efficiently produce an ample supply of pure water at excellent pressure thanks to its powerful booster pump.

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The TaskTM System

The TASK trolley is designed for work in courtyards, roof tops, railway stations and other in-accessable places. Simply fill with 75 litres of pure water, the powerful 12v battery operated pump can deliver pure water to 80ft/25m high with working times of up to 2 hours.

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customers say

"We have been very impressed with this system and will certainly be investing in another one in the future as we continue to expand."

John Jackson

Pure Effect Window Cleaning

"It's a fantastic system, it cleans better, the work is easier. In the winter, using hot water has enabled me to keep working."

Andy Harding

Matrix Window Cleaning

"I've been using Ionic's hot water Thermopure for four years now, it's especially faster on first cleans. I wouldn't be without it."

Alan Tomasik

A&L Cleaning Services

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Crash Testing

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